Benedick In William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing

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when leonato arrived at the church with the 2 masked ladies he and the ladys had poetic justice and happy endings on there minds. as soon as leonato entered the sanctuary benedick summon the courage to ask him for beatrices hand in marriage. leonatoa typical chauvinist of the day agrees without evenconsulting the lady in question or farther questioning benedick. Claudio and don pedro whom among them had noticed benedicks distress teased him about abandoning his vows of permanent bachelorhood good day benedick said don pedro why whats the matter with you you have a face full of storm and cloudiness. Ah benedick is the noble beast in love a bull whos horn is about to be cliped taunted claudio. You said youd never marry or fall in love. You should of stuck to your vows and not of let this lady effect your better judgement. You mya friend are a …show more content…

He brought them out were the rest of the crowd waited with there apprehension hidden good since men of those times are not really allowed too show much emotion. Claudion had sworn to blindly marry the bride of Leonatos choice and he stood up to do so The massked lady lay her hand in Claudios . only after the ceremony had begun did hero reveal her face. Another hero exclaimed Claudio whom was not always a quick wit. No a hero from the dead laughed beatrice as she removed her mask too. Her and me have been hiding. Well the end of this tale was as follows claudio married hero that for some strange reason still wanted the jerk bendick and beatrice married as well and never stoped baiting each other everyone revealed there part in the plot to get benedick and beatrice together and all ended good for lovers romances. As for evel mendacious do john he was banished from the country for no less than 20 years. We dont know if borachio ended up with poor margaret heros lady in waiting but for margarets sake we hope not. Ah love certainly is a giddy think with many twists and this absolutely marks the end of this

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