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In our daily lives, we as modern individuals can be seen drifting through each day, determined to make it past the dreaded 24 hours of school, work, or anything within our daily lives. And as omniscient threats linger in the back, law enforcement brutality, political injustices, world war tensions, and large business corporations growth, we simply ignore them. Why? Because we are so determined to reach the end of each minute of the day, worrying about our appearances, our relationships status, and whether or not we will fail our next midterm. And as all those “small things” become background noise to our own selfish worries, they continue to collide and create deeper friction, allowing enough potential for a catastrophe, something that we …show more content…

In this, Butler has managed to cook up a perfect dystopian society, reflecting the faults in our own as well. So with theses determining factors, the rise of the protagonist can be seen to be even greater an impact as she is not only a youth with extreme knowledge and prophet-like tendencies, but a women fighting against a male dominated society. Feminism doesn't appear as the main event in this novel but still continues to remain in the outlining pages, as it can be seen throughout the book in various elements, especially in the brutal oppression of women. As society within the isolated environment the protagonist dwells within, there is several examples of such brutality and lack of concern for women, although some may say they are regarded as equals. On example being that of Travis and Navidad, as Navidad is relentlessly subjected to sexual harassment with no penalty upon the abuser. Another example is the Gilchrist sisters, as they are forced into selling their bodies for money and put on the streets by their abusive, drunken father. The relentless abuse and oppression of women within Butler’s work can be seen as well-imagined, as women within our own society are deemed weaker and less valued in society, even as they become more vocal and apparent within society

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