Odd Names In Their Eyes Were Watching God

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Throughout the novel, Their Eyes Were Watching God, Hurston uses odd names. Each name serves its purpose. Hurston uses name such as: Logan Killicks, Jody (Joe) Starks, and Tea Cake. In Chapter 4, Janie and Logan had had a verbal fight. Logan calls her spoiled and she mentions the idea of running off. Feeling threatened, Logan responds desperately by insulting and belittling Janie. The next morning, they argue more. Logan orders her to help with the farm work; Janie says that he expects her to worship him but that she never will. Logan then breaks down, cursing her and sobbing. He threatened to kill her with an axe. The ironic part about this scene is Logan last name is Killicks and he threatened to kill Janie. In chapter 2, Hurston mentions

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