Odysseus And Atticus Finch: The Epic Hero

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The Epic Hero & The Equal Hero

Odysseus & Atticus Finch fought hard fights for what they believed in, putting family, friends and their own safety at stake. Odysseus fought for his side in a war, abandoning his family for years and having controversy with the gods. Atticus Finch fought for the rights and freedom of an innocent black man in a racist town, putting his reputation and his family’s name at risk. They are both dedicated fathers who fight for their children whenever they need to, Odysseus with Telemachos, and Atticus with Scout and Jem. Scout and Jem mean the world to Atticus and he tries at every chance to set an example for them while Odysseus is lacking for a long period in Telemachos’s life.

Atticus and Odysseus are

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