Oedipus The King Pride Analysis

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Pride is formed through personal constant experience of success and accomplishments, but to much pride leads to poor decision making which if not controlled ultimately leads to your demise. In the play “Oedipus the King” Sophocles gives Oedipus a dreadful dynasty predicted by the oracle. Despite Laius’s preparation to kill his son, Oedipus, before his fate was sealed, he survived and later becomes the king of the same city his father ruled over. Over his ruling of the city of Thebes Oedipus gets multiple chances to stop searching for the ugly truth because a man of his stature can not quit the search for the truth. Therefore, Oedipus’ hamartia of pride guides him on the path to meet his everlasting fate. Oedipus’ pride contributes to his repeated…show more content…
Oedipus’ pride “demand[s] that others tell him all they know” so he can fit the puzzle pieces together to find…show more content…
Oedipus believes he is a descendant of a god and will never lose his royalty because of his bloodline. He states his lineage to Creon to insure that Creon knows there is no way of dethroning Oedipus other then his death. Even though Creon has no wishes of taking the throne, Oedipus’ pride will not let his belief that Creon is a traitor go. The grudge Oedipus holds against Creon contributes to his stress, emotion, and state of mind which, furthermore leads to his inescapable fate. The next example is ironic and an unknowing internal conflict when Oedipus speaks to Laius’ killer as if he is actually right in front of him and commands him “ to turn his hand against [him]” even though Laius killer is himself (KO 29). Oedipus’ pride will not let Laius’ killer get away with an unjust murder. Oedipus, believing the murderer is a sneaky and unjust man, tries to talk to him even though he is nowhere in sight. Unwittingly, his efforts are useless because Laius’ killer is Oedipus all along. The scene contributes to his downfall because as he searches for Laius’ killer he unravels the spark that will contribute to the flame. Before discovery of his personal truth he finds himself searching for lost answers all because of his pride nagging him
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