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King Oedipus’ Self Destruction The renowned play written by Sophocles about incest and murder is known as Oedipus the King. The protagonist of this anecdote, King Oedipus, is attempting to unveil how to rid a plague that has taken over his reigning city, Thebes. An oracle states that once the previous king’s murderer is found, Oedipus’ town will be disease free. Soon after hearing the oracle’s advice, Oedipus goes on the hunt for King Laius’ murderer. However, Oedipus has yet to discover that the killer he is seeking for is himself. King Oedipus is not only blind symbolically, but also literally once he gouges his eyes out after discovering the shocking reality. Though King Oedipus mocks the prophet Tiresias for being blind, it is him who …show more content…

Just before he excavates his eyes, Oedipus cries, “O the dark horror engulfing me, this nameless visitor I can’t resist swept here by fair and fatal winds. Alas for me! And yet again, alas for me! The pain of stabbing brooches pierces me! The memory of agonizing shame (Sophocles, 1565-1570)!” There are several feasible reasons why Oedipus blinds himself. The first reason is a response to learning the truth about himself and what he has done. He ostensibly suffers from temporary insanity once he finds out, which is justifiable to some degree. Another plausible reason is from guilt. Oedipus feels sickening for what he has done, so he takes the punishment out on himself. King Oedipus would rather live his life and suffer than end it immediately as his wife and mother Jocasta did. His decision to blind himself is the ideal message that individuals will do almost anything to get what they want in life, resulting in them becoming blind to numerous things along the

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