Of Mice And Men: Companionship Analysis

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In the book of Mice and Men, the theme Companionship is essential to life to like shown by Lennie and Crooks conversation, the shooting Candy’s dog, and Curley’s wife talking to the other men. The conversation between Lennie and Crooks is an example of how companionship is life. Crooks is a black man who is separated from the rest of the workers and has no one to talk to. Lennie was in the barn playing with his pup and the other men had gone into town. He saw Crooks and light and walked up to the doorway. Lennie had told Crooks that he had seen his light and decided to come in, only to be stopped by Crooks. After a little while of Lennie asking questions, he decided to let him in. Crooks is talking to Lennie about his past and childhood.…show more content…
When George was explaining why he needed to stay away from Curley’s wife, she came in and tried to initiate a conversation, but George refused to talk to her. While George was attending to the hurt mull, Curley’s wife comes into the stalls and attempts to start a conversation with George. After a while, Curley came in and accused George of flirting with her and Curley’s wife storms off angry. Curley’s wife went into the barn and found Lennie. Lennie was panicked by Curley’s wife, afraid that she knew what he did. They had been talking and Lennie was feeling her hair, and before that, Curley’s wife was telling him about her dream. In conclusion, with these three points, companionship is essential to life. With the shooting of Candy’s dog, the conversation between Lennie and Crooks, and Curley's wife trying to have conversations with the workers because of her loneliness, companionship is needed in these situations because loneliness is very evident in the book and everyone is looking for someone to talk to. It’s hard for the characters to find someone to talk to because of the gender segregation, racial segregation and the inability to comprehend their
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