Of Mice And Men George And Lennie's Relationship Essay

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Throughout history, there has always been that one person that holds a relationship or a group of people together. There’s Andrew Clark from the Breakfast Club: the smart, logical thinking one. There’s Monica Geller from Friends: the one who likes to take care of everyone else’s messes. The same thing occurs in John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, a novella set in the early 1900’s where two migrant workers, George, the responsible one, and Lennie, the strong one with some mental handicaps, work from farm to farm attempting to run away from trouble. They dream of owning their own farm that they can run how they please, but their dream gradually slips away from them every time that Lennie soils their employment and forces them to run away to find…show more content…
George wants what is best for Lennie, as he made a promise to Lennie’s aunt that he would always take care of him. He did not want Lennie to go as a result of being shot by these other farmhands. George finds him first, and lets him go peacefully, killing him instantly while they were talking about happy memories they had together. *George’s actions and character establish equilibrium in the relationship between him and Lennie. He vowed to take in and watch over Lennie once his Aunt Clara died. He helps Lennie out by keeping track of his belongings, like the work card, and establishing a safe base that Lennie can always return to, as it is evident he will only continue to cause trouble wherever they find work. Towards the end of the novella, he find himself in trouble again; he accidentally killed the boss’s son’s wife and has to run to the safe zone George said he would meet him at. In George’s last effort to do right by Lennie and his Aunt Clara, he reaches Lennie before the search party is able to by giving them false directions on Lennie’s whereabouts. George is forced to shoot his best friend because he is becoming too much of a burden. It is easy to recognize what is weighing you down in life. It is not easy
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