Of Mice And Men: Hope, Hopes, And Dreams

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Countless psychological studies show the truth: hope, dreams, and goals are the psychological vehicles driving success. In Of Mice and Men, the dream is to leave the life of work and travel behind and live on a ranch, in War Dance, the goal is to do well at the national music competition, and in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Walter Mitty hopes for a more interesting life in a series of daydreams, to ultimately find that he has been living the true daydream. Hope, dreams, and goals allowed the people portrayed, fictional or not, to strive for more. Hopes, dreams, and goals allow people to increase their motivation, perform better, and seek new concepts. To start, hopes, dreams, and goals allow an increase in motivation by giving a person something to strive for. In Of Mice and Men, Candy pitching in money for the ranch gave the necessary motivation for George to actually believe in the oasis of the ranch. In War Dance, the goal of competing and doing well in the competition motivated the kids to actually reach this goal. In The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, …show more content…

In Of Mice and Men, Lennie was intent on being good so that he could reach his goal of living on the ranch and tending the rabbits. In War Dance, the kids were striving to reach their goal of doing well in the music competition, and this made them give their all in their performance, whether on the final stage or during practices. In The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Walter Mitty wants to find the missing photo and goes on all these adventures, which he doesn’t realize he’s doing because he’s focused on the goal of getting his job back. The article “The Wills and Ways of Hope” explains that, according to a study, “High hope students… were also more likely to have graduated and were less likely to be dismissed from school due to bad grades” (1). In comparison to students with low hope, students with more hope were linked to having higher college

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