Okonkwo's Relationship With His Father Unoka Character Analysis

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How does okonkwo’s family relationships change his life, and how does it make him the person he is now? In what ways does this make him sympathetic and/or unsympathetic? I dictated this based off his relationships with both his father Unoka, and his wife Ekwefi. And deciding how the way he treated them affected him and his sympathy? First, his relationship with his father Unoka. Who he did not have a great relationship with. And someone he did not specifically care for. Someone he knew who just so happen to be his father. In the book there is a quote “okonkwo was ruled by one passion- to hate everything his father had loved”. Basically stating that he dislike his father in every single way. No matter what the subject was he didn’t like him. …show more content…

But in my eyes Okonkwo was made to hate people, whether it being Ekwefi or Unoka. But there is ways there treatment was different, Ekwefi was his wife who he tried to basically kill. And shoot. As oppose to his father who he didn’t like because of whatever reasons he had. This info gives me all the clues to say yes Okonkwo was sympathetic if you look at the patterns. His father Unoka was quoted “in his day was lazy and improvident and was quite incapable of thinking about tomorrow”. Basically saying he didn’t care about his life, so in what possible way could he have cared for Okonkwo’s. And his wife Ekwefi he didn’t technically shoot. He didn’t kill so there might have been sympathy there because she was completely defenseless and didn’t die so you can tell he intentionally didn’t kill her. In conclusion, i believe Okonkwo is a sympathetic man and he cares about the people around deeply. He may just have a hard way of showing it. Whether he beats his family, tries to kill them, abuses them. Nobody he has touched hasn’t died. So you can look at it that way and say he cares. So in my opinion Okonkwo is a sympathetic

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