On Being Included By Sara Ahmed Summary

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In one of our course readings titled “On Being Included” by Sara Ahmed, Ahmed writes about “institutional flows” and how diversity practitioners sensed that they were going against the flow when trying to address issues of racism. “The wall symbolizes institutional immobility and an institutional “no”. (pp. 129, 176). Ahmed describes diversity activists as “being in complicated and messy situations” based on the 21 interviews as well as her own experiences (pp. 7, 10). She states that they want to get universities, as institutions to not only acknowledge, but discuss and act on issues of racism diversity. However, the problem here is that university officials and colleagues often see these practitioners as irritated troublemakers who are obsessed with racism, when these issues are already resolved through equality regimes and diversity policies. …show more content…

Haritaworn sees that queer lover is a transitional object that allows present-day neoliberal regime to make negligence appear as signs of care as well as love for diversity. In reading this book, we were able to discuss in class and in smaller group discussions the way the book looks at the environments where queer bodies have become worthy of protection. It also discusses the erasures that shape inner city life on a day-today basis. An extremely important aspect of the text is when it talks about how queer activists actively seek out to dispel the myths of sites of nostalgia of women and gay friendliness. The author brings us through several archives of media including arts, activism and policy such as hate crime action plans, newspaper reports, political speeches, psychological studies, films and much

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