On The Sidewalk Bleeding Literary Analysis Essay

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Someone once said, “Maturity is not measured by age. It’s an attitude built by experience.” (Searchquotes). These experiences help advance maturity and prepare adolescence for the real world. In coming of age literature, writing that is meant to appeal to teenagers, the key is to evolve a believable and authentic character through these incidents. Similarly, Evan Hunter demonstrates this characteristic development in “On the Sidewalk Bleeding”, through the protagonist, Andy. Within the story, there are moments that illustrate the development in thinking realistically rather than idealistically, experiences that demonstrate a shift from selfishness to selflessness and a prominent transition from ignorance to knowledge. Consequently, these various…show more content…
Andy, while bleeding on the sidewalk, has a change from being ignorant to knowledgeable in various situations. Hunter demonstrates ignorance after Andy witnesses the couple in the ally kiss and realizes he may actually be dying. “I can’t be dying. No, that’s stupid.” (Hunter, 3). Andy seems to be refusing to believe the reality of the situation. He is being ignorant to the truth of the situation. Andy then thinks about his love for Laura and appears to try to communicate with her in some way, saying, “Laura, I think maybe I’m dying.” (Hunter 4). This incident communicates the epiphany Andy has, realizing that he is definitely on the verge of death and is severely hurt. At the point of weakness Andy experiences, he seems to accept the knowledge he was going to die. “He knew he was going to die now.” (Hunter 6). The knowledge of the severity of the situation finally comes to Andy and he accepts that valid truth that he is dying. The ignorance that Hunter demonstrates in the beginning is gone. These 3 moments in the story come together and allow the reader to understand the correct thinking rather than the ignorance of the situation. Being ignorant can also lead to selfishness. Children must also learn how to think of

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