Orange By Gary Soto Analysis

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In the poem, Orange, by Gary Soto has put great effect to the poem by adding happiness and pride the write experiences. This poem is all about love and that warm gooey feeling that you have for someone when the relationship is just starting to floum. Throughout the poem he uses descriptive words in order to point out the world around him and his emotions towards it.Soto gets there by contrasting. We know this by contrasting the end of the poem when he feels like he made a fire on his first day even though that day, the climate was very dark and yucky. Soto has achieved great effects to the scene where he describes himself peeling an orange but feels like he was making a fire because the color of the fruit was so bright. The effect was created …show more content…

The writer puts this effect on the reader to stimulate senses of idea or emotion. The poem is also called “Oranges” so it shows how the poem really is a symbolization of hope. The words orange and fire are good connotations that helps create effect in the poem because it shows how these are symbols that stimulate emotions from the poem. Soto uses metaphor as a literary device when he says, quote, “I peeled my orange that was so bright against the gray of December”, meaning that the description of the oranges intense, “bright” color in contrast to the wintery “gray” of the landscape brings all the focus onto the orange in the speaker’s hands. Soto uses another metaphor when he says, quote, “That, from some distance, someone might have thought I was making a fire In my hands”. The word bright from the quote echoes the description of the girl's “bright” face from way back in line 14, “At her gloves, face bright”. Soto uses the same word to the girl’s face as a repetition to create a connection between the girl and the orange. The connection between the girl and the orange is that the visual intensity of the bright orange against the dull gray background represents the feelings the speaker has when he’s with the

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