Storm Warnings Poem Analysis

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In many poems, poets use nature as a metaphor for human life. In "Storm Warnings" by Adrienne Rich, she uses an approaching storm as a metaphor for an emotional storm inside herself. Although, there is a literal meaning of the poem. There really is an incoming storm. Rich uses structure, specific detail, and imagery to convey the literal and metaphorical meanings of the poem. Rich 's "Storm Warnings" has more than one meaning. One being literal, and another being metaphorical. The literal meaning of the poem is that there is an impending storm, and the author is anticipating and preparing for the storm to come. The metaphorical meaning of the poem is the author is suffering from an emotional storm. The literal and metaphorical meanings of the poem are shown to be similar when Rich writes, "Weather abroad and weather in the heart alike come on regardless of prediction." In this quote, the author is saying that a storm, real or emotional, can 't be controlled even if it can be predicted. Both the meanings relate to the title in that storm warnings are …show more content…

The use of imagery in "Storm Warnings" conveys the literal and metaphorical meanings of the oncoming physical and emotional storms. Rich uses to imagery show the anxiety she is feeling about the storm in the beginning. For example, "The glass has been falling all the afternoon," and, "gray unrest moving across the land." Both of these images have negative connotations, which show what she is feeling and what she sees. In the end of the poem, to show her acceptance of the storm she uses an image of light in the dark. This is seen when Rich says, "The sky goes black," and, "set a match to candles sheathed in glass." The candle is used to combat the darkness of the two storms. The candle sheathed in glass represents the light inside of her. This light can be interpreted as a symbol of comfort. "Storm Warnings" portrays the author combating a physical and emotional storm, and coming to terms that she can 't

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