Tornado Essays

  • Tornado Narrative

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    to rip through town. It did so much damage, and had we not come home we would have been in the path of that tornado. It is possible I may not be here today had we not chosen to go home. The tornados that struck my town that day left so much damage. Homes were ripped apart, crops ruined, so much lost. I was 12 when that tornado hit. I can still see the tornado and I am not sure if I was afraid or in shock but either way I know that I am lucky to be alive today. The clean up was intense. They called

  • Tornado Short Story

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    It was 2:25 pm in Murphysboro, Illinois. The skies darkened, the winds howled, and the rain poured down. Descending on the small little town was a monstrous EF-5 tornado a mile wide with wind speeds above 300 miles per hour. The Tornado had already ravages parts of Missouri and Illinois, killed and injured multiple people, and was ready to lay carnage to Murphysboro. It was coming for the town, straight on a path to tear it up. It ripped up trees, destroyed cars, carried houses into the air… and

  • Elie Tornado Research Paper

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    Elie Tornado In 2007 a terrible tragedy happened to Elie, Manitoba on June 22nd that left people in shock. It destroyed a highway, 2 houses and damaged other homes. It was also recorded as the first F5 tornado to ever occur in Canada. LOCATION; Elie is a town in Manitoba which is 30km west of Winnipeg.The tornado first formed in a large corn field, then made it’s way to the Trans Canada highway around 6:30pm, then picked up a large tractor trailer and around 10 cars before heading south towards

  • Hurricane Mississippi Tornado 1971

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    Hurricane Mississippi Tornado 1971 According to the Oxford English Dictionary, I found a tornado to be a mobile destructive vortex of violently rotating winds, having the appearance of a funnel shaped cloud, and advancing beneath a large storm system. "Tornado” ( Oxford English Dictionary) In February 1971 the Hurricane School was destroyed by a winter tornado. A winter tornado is more destructive due to them seeming to be a thunder storm although a tornado. Although a tornado can be life threatening

  • Personal Narrative: The Spirit Of A Tornado

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    The Spirit of a Tornado The old west was a long stretch of sand, hills valleys and most importantly, cowboys. Now cowboys are tough and strong, but none were as fast as Pecos Bill. Now Pecos Bill was the roughest cowboy there is, He was so fast he could outrun a horse going 20 mph. He was very skilled at what he did, and what he did was he rode broncos. And he rode them VERY well. And people called him “the wonder of the west.” One fateful day Pecos Bill got tired of riding broncos and wanted

  • Tornado Short Story

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    Tornado 4:15pm "A tornado will hit Kansas City in approximately 30 minutes." I flipped off the news. The fear and anxiety flooded through my body. I didn't know how to react, this was my first storm. I fell to the ground and began to pray. My mind raced as I tried to remember the things they taught us in school. After gathering my thoughts I ran to the kitchen. I found a bag in the pantry and began filling it. I put five water bottles inside and a box of crackers. I also grabbed a bag of cat food

  • Ef2 Tornado Essay

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    Tornadoes are the most violent storm and there dangers are life threating in during a tornado on the path of the tornado after it pass is called a damage path depend on what type of tornadoes for a EF0 tornadoes the damages only do small damage to small trees and branches roofs peeled off on homes and shallow rooted trees toppled down for a EF0 the wind speed is only 65-85 mph and show a small damage path. Some of the damage of moderate tornadoes like the EF1 has a more significant damage in roofing

  • How To Start A Tornado Essay

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    If you live in the Midwest, tornados are often a common occurrence. Parents start teaching their children the do’s and don’ts during a tornado as early as possible. Although most of it is common sense, a few rules do not occur to some during the chaos of a tornado. If you’re inside a building, go immediately to a storm cellar, basement, or the lowest building level. Most houses in a tornado area will have storm cellars or basements. However, if you 're in a building without a basement, go to a

  • Joplin Tornado Case Study

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    On May 22, 2011, an EF5 tornado tore through Joplin, Missouri, killing 161 people and causing over 1,000 injuries as the powerful storm destroyed over 2,000 buildings, making it the deadliest single tornado on record in the U.S. since 1950. The afternoon was hot and humid on May 22, 2011, resulting in a supercell thunderstorm that was tracked from extreme southeast Kansas into far southwest Missouri. This storm along with others generated additional tornadoes, wind damage and flash flooding across

  • April 14: The Cause Of Tornados In Texas

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    destroying large buildings and homes alike. They uproot trees, and vehicles race through the air for miles. These channels of intense wind are called tornados. In an average year, 1000 tornadoes are reported nationwide. On the afternoon of Friday, April 14th, a supercell thunderstorm in Texas created multiple tornados, one being a mile wide. The tornado of April 14th caused EF3 damage just outside the town of Dimmitt, Texas. Meteorologists say that this twister demolished a metal building, which is

  • Scott Offerman Tornado Case Study

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    Plainfield tornado of 1990. On August 28th, 1990 an F5 tornado had blown through Plainfield, Illinois with no warning or sirens. Scott Offerman’s family wasn’t the only family to lose everything they had that day, hundreds of stories could be told by families as many were affected. After the Plainfield tornado of 1990, many weather researchers had looked into why no sirens or tornado

  • Differences And Similarities Between Hurricanes And Tornados

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    of damage and where you should hide is similar. To begin with, hurricanes and tornados vary in their location. A tornado can happen anywhere on land. But on the contrary, hurricanes can happen anywhere on water except Antarctica. Since the equator is the hottest spot on earth and a hurricane needs hot water that is where they usually form. Since a hurricane forms on water you have more time to evacuate unlike a tornado. Another thing is that they

  • Tornado Vs Hurricane Research Paper

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    shape ,and color. Do you know how long a common tornado lasts? Well I have the answer, a typical tornado only lasts for a few minutes.Hurricanes have male and female names, but at one point they only named hurricanes female names. Tornadoes can happen anytime, but they usually happen between 3 and 9pm. According to ' 'What you should know about tornadoes, ' ' tornadoes are rapidly columns of air and another name for a tornado is

  • Tornado And Joplin Tornado Comparison

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    The Joplin Tornado was a very extreme F-5 tornado that killed and injured many people. To begin, the articles "The Evil Swirling Darkness" and the article "A Storm Chaser 's First-Hand Account of the Joplin Tornado" both give very different accounts of what happened the day of the tornado. One example of a difference between the two articles is how the second article talks a lot about how after the tornado had finished, there were no emergency responders that came to help the people who had experienced

  • Hurricane Vs Hurricane Compare And Contrast

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    nature? I feel that the hurricane and also the tornado are two of the most destructive and harmful forces to our community. They both can cause hundreds of deaths and they are worse compared to earthquakes and other natural disasters. They can ruin any home and destroy anything. There can also be a lot of different types of hurricanes and also tornadoes. I will begin by telling you the similarities and differences between both a hurricane and a tornado. Tornadoes and hurricanes have a lot in common

  • Natchez Tornadoes

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    long (, 2012)! The second deadliest tornado recorded in the United States is called the Natchez Tornado. It hit Natchez, Mississippi and traveled along the Mississippi River; creating destruction to the river and Vidalia, Louisiana. This devastation occurred on May 7, 1840 (Hall, 2014). Tornadoes create large amounts of damage and are deadly to people if they are not prepared properly. To begin, there are many causes of tornadoes. A tornado is a dangerous rotating column of air stretching

  • How Tornadoes Affect People

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    within ‘tornado alley’. Tornado alley is a term used for a specific area in the United States where tornadoes often occur. After a tornado, nothing but rubble of a house is left,

  • Differences And Similarities Between Hurricanes And Tornadoes

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    much damage? Tornadoes have a cone shaped appearance. Hurricanes are really powerful and tornadoes aren 't as powerful. Tornadoes are very tiny and they are rapidly spinning columns of air. They are less powerful than hurricanes. Also they go to tornado alley. They have a cone shaped appearance. Only a few hundred feet across. According to source 3 on tornadoes. They need warm Tropical Ocean to get their start. They cause a lot more damage than tornadoes do. Cost billions of dollars of damage.

  • How Earthquakes Changed Our Life

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    We have spent years trying to find ways to predict weather patterns, but unfortunately there's still a long way to go because windstorms, earthquakes, floods, diseases, and other types of natural disasters are still striking the earth with a great range in death tolls. Here’s a list of the few catastrophic natural disasters that have changed the lives of many on earth: Tornadoes: Tornadoes form in conjunction with thunderstorms in places where there is moist, warm air ahead of easterly-heading

  • Indian Territory Research Paper

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    near the Arkansas River. This way there’s an easy way to receive items and ship products. There is a good deal of crucial deciding factor that plays on my mind when deciding on a location to live is tornados. This territory is well known for having a high percentage of tornadoes annually. Tornados are a weather event that I personally try to avoid at all costs. They can kill your livestock or you. Plenty of people are known for losing everything they have to the destruction of