Weather: The Importance Of Weather In Frankenstein By Mary Shelley

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In Frankenstein, on Victor’s way home after being away for six years, a key moment in the novel that weather sets the mood is when “It echoed from Saleve, the Juras, and the Alps of Savoy; vivid flashes of light dazzled my eyes, illuminating the lake making it appear like a vast sheet of fire; then for an instant, everything seemed of pitchy darkness, until the eye recovered from the preceding flash” (Shelley 50). The author, Shelley uses weather to describe the murder of his young brother, William. The weather conditions effect Victor’s mood and convey his emotional feelings of Victor as being scared, sad, or depressed. The imagery in the quote relates to the thunder thus a way to broadcast the murder of his younger brother across the land and …show more content…

The impact of the weather scene is a way to indirectly relate to the murder of Victor’s young brother, William. The author, Shelley utilizes weather to convey the Victor’s emotional feelings about the murder of his bother William. Through imagery in the quote, Shelley is able to utilize words to describe the weather relating them to both the storm and what has happened to our protagonist. To me, the flashes of light illuminate the lake which is his brother. William’s illumination is the light of his life is soon quenched when the author describes the “pitchy darkness” (Shelley 50) hence he unknowingly and quickly he is taken from life into darkness. The darkness of the night due to the weather conditions was a way for the author to convey Victor’s sadness and William’s death. The imagery in the quote is ended with the description of a “preceding flash” (Shelley 50) and this is the way the author foreshadows the next outcome of emotion for Victor. Off in the distance Victor sees something large and realizes it was the creature which he brought to life who probably killed his

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