Osceola Refining Company Case Summary

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1.) What were the essential facts in Rabidue? (1 point)
The essential facts presented in Rabidue are that the plaintiff (Rabidue) and the defendant (Henry) worked for the same company and Rabidue filed for sexual harassment charges because of their bitter work relationship. The plaintiff is described as an independent, aggressive, intractable, and opinionated character who her supervisors found as abrasive, rude, antagonistic, and uncooperative. Also, Rabidue is described as someone who constantly argues with co-workers, jeopardizes the company’s business relationships, and does not follow policy or instruction whenever they conflict with personal reasons. The defendant, on the other hand, is the supervisor of Osceola Refining Company who is described as an extremely vulgar and crude individual that makes offensive comments towards women including the plaintiff. The management team of Osceola Refining Company was aware of Henry’s vulgar temperament and a supervisor gave Henry some “fatherly advice” before the plaintiff filed sexual harassment charges. In addition to Henry’s constant vulgarity, other male employees displayed nude photography of women who worked for the company.
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The legal issue in Rabidue is whether or not the plaintiff demonstrated that she would not have been the object of harassment but for her sex. If the defendant’s behavior affected both men and women, then it would not support a Title VII sexual harassment charge. Also, the plaintiff must provide evidence that the defendant seriously affected her psychological well-being or caused her to suffer a degree of injury. Lastly, the trier of the fact must consider what the work environment was like before the plaintiff arrived and compare it to when she was
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