Sexual Harassment In Canada Essay

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Canada is often referred as one of the lowest crime rated countries in the world and it’s also considered one of the safest countries in the world, but there are crimes that often happens but they are not reported one of those crimes is sexual harassment and assault. Case law in Canada pertaining to sexual assault and harassment are not capable to act as a punishment since these laws often favoured the perpetrator because most of the victims are ashamed to speak out therefore these acts continue to be pervasive in Canada. The Ontario human rights code states that everyone has the rights to be free from sexual discrimination based on sex which includes sexual assault/harassment. However, history has shown that people have overlooked it. One of the most …show more content…

Another way to improve on laws pertaining to sexual assault is to provide free lawyer/translator services since there are some amount of people who are new to Canada who does not know about his/her rights or people who are too poor for instance, if a first nation women/men was sexually assaulted/harassed they could not get justice through the legal system since some are poor and some doesn 't know their rights in Canada.

Sexual assault/harassment is an issue worldwide that has put many people at risks. In Canada many victim of the crime are not speaking up due to the issues they face, but there are ways to improve such as telling the courts to rewrite the laws pertaining to the crime or to provide services that can increase the chance of getting justice that victims

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