The Role Of Roderigo In Othello

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Act 1

Scene One → Roderigo and Iago are arguing about an unknown subject, in which Iago says he is upset about the fact that someone has been named Lieutenant instead of him - Cassio. Iago is the Ancient to Othello, the Moor. Iago wants revenge, so he and Roderigo go to Brabantio’s house and wake him, telling him that his house is being robbed and that his daughter has run off with the Moor. Brabantio doesn’t believe them at first, but he goes to her room to find that she really isn’t there. As he goes to her room to check, Iago leaves because he is supposed to be on the Moor’s side. He will meet Roderigo at an inn/pub with Othello. Brabantio then comes outside, Roderigo tells him that the two are most likely married, and the father …show more content…

That you shall surely find him, lead to the Sagittary the raised search; and there will I be with him.” - Iago, Act 1, Scene 1
This really shows Iago’s hate for Othello. He is saying that he is only going to fake being on his side but he actually hates him. He is going to pretend to love him and show his love as a sign - but that’s all it will ever be. This is significant because I have a feeling that this hatred for Othello is going to continue on throughout the entire rest of the play, so we need to be introduced to this emotion in the very beginning. This quote is only one of many quotes that expresses Iago’s true feelings about Othello.
“A maiden never bold; of spirit so still and quiet that her motion blush’d at herself; and she - in spite of nature, of years, of country, credit, every thing - to fall in love with what she fear’d to look on! It is a judgement maim’d and most imperfect, that will confess perfection so could err against all rules of nature; and must be driven to find out practices of cunning hell.” - Brabantio, Act 1, Scene

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