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Over history many men have rose to power, coming from nothing and in one case, a man named Pablo Escobar grew to a new level of power by reinventing the drug trade. Pablo's life started and ended with crime . This man used terror attacks to instill fear into the heart of those who challenged his power. After years of running from the law, Pablo finally agreed to give himself up under one condition. He would serve time in a prison that he would design and build himself. The reign of this man grew far and wide but even as his final day came, his life would make a mark on history and would be remembered for a long time to come. Pablo Escobar was born in Rionegro, Colombia and he was one of the seven children in the Escobar family. Pablo grew …show more content…

As his empire grew people took notice and tried to bring him down. Luis Carlos Galán was a colombian politician on track to become Colombia's next president. Luis promised to rid Colombia of the drug kingpins that were destroying the country, like Pablo. Luis openly voiced his opposition for Pablo and continued even after receiving multiple death threats. On august 18th, 1989 Luis was in a car driving home from a political rally when a motorcycle drove by and sprayed the car with bullets, killing Luis. This was one of his most notable killings but he continued to kill as long as someone was opposing him. He became sick of his run from the law and began targeting civilians in random bombings all over Colombia. One of the worst bombings came when Pablo planted a large bomb on a commercial plane in an assassination attempt on a police chief but planted the bomb on the wrong plane and instead killed 134 innocent civilians and 12 children. It was Colombia's worst act of terror to date. Pablo was reigning terror without consequence but knew he couldn't run forever so in 1991 he designed and built La …show more content…

The drug kingpin had been on the run for so long but was not able to get away from the long arm of the law. He was born into a life of crime that molded him into the man that so many would remember. As a force to reckoned with, Pablo killed with no remorse as he spread terror and fear throughout Colombia. Pablo may of known that he couldn’t run forever or just didn't want to anymore but he found a way around the law when he built the prison, La catedral. Unknown to him was that this would not be the end to his run from the law but the end to his life. But over history many men have rose to power after coming from nothing and in one case, a man named Pablo Escobar grew to a new level of power by reinventing the drug trade and changing

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