Parenting In Carver Raymond's Popular Mechanics

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Nil’s neglected son experienced a very brief period of an innocent and blithe lifestyle; however, the baby in Carver Raymond’s “Popular Mechanics” is robbed of its adolescence almost immediately. This short story hyperbolizes the effects that a broken relationship has on a child. The couple fights over possession of the child, the woman thinking, "She would have it, this baby" (Carver 1). Throughout the story, the infant is referred to as an “it”, which implies that the baby’s parent’s view him or her as an object rather than a precious life. In the parents’ vain desire to prevail over one other, concern for the child’s safety completely vacates the their minds. As they continue their struggle, the child’s wails grow louder and louder. They …show more content…

Every way that a parent goes about raising their child will have a unique result. Written by Bianca Mgbemere and Rachel Telles, “Types of Parenting Styles and How to Identify Yours” is an article outlining different approaches to parenting and the outcomes each of these approaches has. Each of these major parenting styles are classified by the “different reactions” that the “children which they are used on” harbor (Telles & Mgbemere 1). Telles and Mgbemere expand on four types of parenting styles: neglectful, permissive, authoritative, and authoritarian. Estep, Hanna, et al. utilize these same parenting styles in their study outlined in the report “THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN PARENTING STYLES, GENERAL DEVIANCE, ACADEMIC DISHONESTY, AND INFIDELITY”. The different approaches are simply classified by a scale of warmth and strictness. Low warmth and low strictness is the neglectful style, high warmth and low strictness is permissive parenting, the authoritative style categorizes itself with high warmth and high strictness, low warmth and high strictness is authoritarian (Estep, Hanna, et al.

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