Fahrenheit 451 Family Analysis

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Family is a group of a husband, a wife and a child who live together with special connection and love, yet the society today fails to show this fundamental quality of it. The expression of love dissolved and the bond has been broken. The modern family has decreased their family time and spent more time on technology. It is also difficult to feel the love within the household as there is a plethora of news imparts the family issue such as murdering or abusing. Also there are many reports of celebrities getting divorce or remarrying. Surprisingly, family in the modern day has lost its meaning and become similar to the society in the book Fahrenheit 451.
In the book, Fahrenheit 451, there is no connection within a family in the society. Everyone …show more content…

Like Montag and Mildred, self-concern of people nowadays has become superior to benefit of a family so they discard the commitment, resulting in more divorce paper. According to the website, Mckinleyirvin.com, there is one divorce approximately every 36 seconds in America. When the husband and wife encounter difficulties, they no longer try to untangle them. Similarly to the society in Fahrenheit 451, people rather sign a divorce paper because it is an easier path to solve a problem. In the same way as the book, many people tend to not consider a baby as a product of love. Since more people become hedonistic, especially in sexual activity, women are pregnant with an unwanted baby. When there is no love for these babies, parents give poor attention to them. Similar to Mrs. Bowles’ statement, the children are put in a daycare during the day and when they arrive home, children are set in front of the television. When the kids whine or cry, parents usually give them an iPad which immediately stops them from crying. Due to distraction of technology, many family stop spending time together in like manner to Montag and Mildred. According to the survey from Mccann, one of the reasons that family spends less time together is because the children are often watching TV or playing computer games. Children rather spend on television and computer so family time becomes absent. Also, people engaged more in celebrity’s life with the help of technology. Through the medias, people would know everything about the celebrity as if he is one of the family members. Similar to Mildred many people proclaim their ‘love’ for people in the screen and feel obligated to be involved in the celebrity’s life. People have more concern about their own

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