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The traditional Chinese cultures have a development process for thousand years, now we are creating another kind of traditional culture especially under the wave of globalization. Although the form of expressing or performing the culture experienced some changes but the basic idea and belief behind rarely changed. To promote Chinese culture we would refer to the essence of Chinese wisdom so the following is actual practicing of different dimensions of Chinese traditions which show the beauty of China.

The family concept is the essence of Chinese culture. From ancient China to modern, the idea of family is always associated with love and harmonious which is also the basis of our nation and our country, therefore, I would like to include this …show more content…

But in China, this view seems cannot be fully correct as even China has different ethics group, but still, they could live together peacefully in general. Different aboriginal contain their local culture but they seem did not reject each other. China is a country with diverse ethnic groups, 56 recognized by PRC, so I would like to promote this special feature by using the sentence” This is China, this is home.” in different dialects at the end of this video. China has 7 major regional dialects and numerous sub-dialects including, Northern(北方話), Hakka(客家話), Wu (吳語), Min (閩語), Yue(粵語), Xiang(湘語) and Gan(贛語). Although this huge population not really share same dialects or language, but in general we could still have a harmonious relationship between different ethnic groups. Doubtless, Han is the main population in China, however, it does not mean that only Han culture is important, in opposite, a variety of dialects could be also a tool to maintain this harmonious condition and to keep different areas’ local culture which constructed our nation 's’ diversity. Dialect is an expression in cultural heritage, it carries regional culture, cultural characteristics of the area it is also the root of the folk culture. Therefore, government agencies and linguists should take active and effective measures to rescue endangered dialects and protect them so that they can inherit regional culture and promote social stability at the same time. Dialect should be cherished and protected, it constructed our beloved

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