Pathos, Logos In Martin Luther King's Letter From Birmingham Jail

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In Martin Luther King’s Jr, “Letter from Birmingham Jail” the letter was a persuasive attempt to get Americans to finally see the inequality in the United States of America. Throughout King’s letter, he used various ways of persuasive strategies: pathos, logos, and ethos. But the strongest influential device King used was pathos. Now the word “strongest” has various meanings, but in this instance, it means the most successful. In “Letter from Birmingham Jail” pathos was used throughout the letter. King gives his audience a chance to experience what is happening to him and his fellow African Americans by inserting emotional events. Such as the treatment from the Birmingham police when they “pushed and cursed young Negro females and slapped and kicked young Negro males.”( King’s letter page 3) Yet after the mistreatment from the Birmingham police, King still didn’t insult them and preached to keep peacefully protest for their rights. …show more content…

Especially African Americans, but in our recent history we have up all race crimes. I think this is due to the things our political leaders are saying. Many of them are trying to help, but they also say some racist things that ignite race wars. (Fighting for freedom) Many of our mass shootings in that occurs because of police shootings are because of race. There is wrong on both sides, but a majority of the time is black on white shooting, whether is the cop killing the citizen or the citizen killing the cop. King tried to stop violent protest, so this wouldn’t happen in our country, but there will always be racism in our country no matter what. (Fighting for freedom) If our society want a racist free world, then we need to start teaching our children that racism is wrong. Many kids are taught in grade school that it is okay to pick on kids of the opposite race. We should advertise equality and unity in schools, so children will understand the importance everyone is

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