Paul Revere By Belknap: Poem Analysis

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In both of these texts, including the poem of Paul Revere by Longfellow and the letter by Belknap based on Paul Revere are very different from each other, for one I know that the poem about Paul Revere is indeed a tale and the letter is surely the truth. We can differentiate these two stories and find out what differences and similarities are there by using context clues and exemplars.

In the poem by Longfellow, explains not as many details as the letter, for one in the poem, it is said that he went through Charleston first, then many other villages to warn the people of the town that the British were coming by sea. On the night of Paul Revere, Longfellow's poem states that Paul Revere and his friend planned out that Paul Revere would stand on the opposite side of Charleston river prepared with his horse to tell everybody that the British were coming but he would not go until his friend would put letters on the church wall “ 1 later if by land and 2 lanterns if by sea” So then after his friend located the British army he had put 2 lanterns on the wall to notify Paul Revere that the
The British were coming by sea and in no time Paul Revere rode on his horse to tell everybody in the village that the British were coming by sea. Towards his first trip he left for Charleston to notify the villagers that the British were common, then in no time Paul Revere left to the mystic to notify this village as well, later on, around 12 o'clock, Paul Revere had left in Medford town, sooner or …show more content…

So then after he was spreading the rumor that the British were coming everybody in town soon came prepared with their guns and soon fought the British army “ From behind each fence and farmyard wall, Chasing the redcoats down the lane” Likewise, The letter of Paul revere includes more details about what happened on the midnight ride like, where he started what other places did he go and such in such, but as well as some more

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