Pelican Bay State Prison Analysis

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The need for more prisons is not really a need. I am not in favor of the there being more prisons built in this world. Serving time in prison is supposed to be as unpleasant as possible. I am also not in favor of prisoners being mistreated by other inmates and or facility staff members. There are prison guards that often beat inmates and rape female inmates. These issues are also widely ignored. Here is California, we have one of the 10 worst prisons in America. Speaking of Pelican Bay State Prison. This prison located in Crescent City, California, has 3500 inmates. Out of the 3500 prisoners, 1500 of them are in solitary. Of that 1500 in solitary, 500 of them have been in solitary in excess of a decade. Are we sure, building more
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This facility was built to house dozens of inmates who are severely mentally ill. $33.6 million dollars was spent on this project. In 2007, Legislature approved a $7.4 billion dollar bond to assist with the overcrowding in…show more content…
Billions of dollars are spent making sure, severely mentally ill offenders can be treated. Billions of dollars have been spent making sure prison psychologists and psychiatrists have private offices to treat their inmate patients. Billions have been spent on individual cells for inmates near nurse’s station. Billions of dollars have been spent attempting to reduce overcrowding, and to improve health care in its prisons. What’s interesting about this entire ordeal, is the fact that my daughter is in the 11th grade, and every year she has been in high school she has had printed copies of chapters from the school textbooks. Why, because they have not had enough books for the students. They can beef up security in these prisons, but can’t make sure they have enough of the much needed supplies. Prisons are overcrowded. Public schools are overcrowded. Both of them being overcrowded are a result of poor public policy. Both are prone to ferocious rebellion. Both are unwell administered and disorganized. Both are reigned by cliques. Bother are not favorable for improvement. Both are ruled by intimidation and forcefulness. Even though there are a lot of similarities, we still need more schools. We still need more school
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