What Is Solitary Confinement In Prison

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CCJS452 Spring 2017
Group 7
Solitary Confinement
Op-Ed Group 7 “Prison within prison”. That’s one way that correctional officials described solitary confinement. An average of twenty-two hours in a small, isolated cell is the daily enduring of a prisoner in solitary confinement. This movement began back in the 1800s, however, over the last two hundred or so years, heads still clash over the use of this method. Based on the research that I have conducted, I undoubtedly support the removal of solitary confinement in prisons. The negative physical, mental and sociological effects outweigh the potential positives that solitary confinement may or may not bring. I do agree that solitary confinement is a barbaric practice that has serious social consequences. Many prisoners, 22%, experience psychological and mental problems prior to receiving their convictions (Smith, 2006). The longer one stays in insolation, the worse the effects become. Studies show that solitary confinement is extremely harmful to the mental health of an inmate. Due to being locked up for all but two hours a day, social contact is restricted. This is a psychological necessity for humans to remain normally functioning. These effects eventually cause inmates to act irrationally. Suicide …show more content…

Unless prisons are planning on keeping inmates in isolation for their entire sentence, prisons are causing more problems for themselves because of the problems. The aggression and resentment built up by the prisoner towards the prison and other inmates/officers can be detrimental with the flow of prison due to rule breaking and violence (Weir, 2012; Dingfelder, 2012; Constanzo, Martinez, Klebe, Torrence & Livengood, 2012). There are no rehabilitation results from isolation, so whenever a prisoner is sent, they are delaying the obvious problems that will occur once

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