Essay On Mental Health In Prison

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What can be done
The monitoring, prevention and treatment of mental disorders, as well as the promotion of good mental health, are part of the public health goals in prisons. According to World Health Organization (2017), even in resource-limited countries, measures can be taken to improve the mental health of prisoners and prison staffs, which can be adapted to the country’s cultural, social, political and economic environment (WHO, 2017). In the British prisons, some practices and policies have also been implemented, which reflect the positive impacts of prisoners’ mental health and wellbeing.

Provide prisoners with appropriate mental health treatment and care. Prisons’ general health services should include regular assessment for prisoners,
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Provide training to all prison staff on mental health issues. Training should reinforce staff understanding of mental disorders, raise awareness on human rights, challenge stigmatizing attitudes and encourage mental health promotion for guards and inmates. In addition, prison health workers need more specialized skills to identify and manage the prisoners’ mental health. According to HM Prison Probation & Service (2018), prison staff ‘keep those sentenced to prison in custody, helping them lead law-abiding and useful lives, both while they are in prison and after they are released.’ It believes that prison staff will play a huge part in the life of an offender, helping them to learn and develop new skills (HM Prison Probation & Service,…show more content…
Moreover, due to the institutional nature of prisons, inmates may receive mental impacts in their prison experience, resulting in different levels of mental health damage to prisoners. Finally, the issues of prisons in the UK needs to be constantly solved, and the pain of incarceration on prisoners deserves more attention. As Justice Secretary Liz Truss said, prisons faced ‘long-standing issues that will not be resolved in
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