Argumentative Essay On A Mental Health Issue

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Mental health issues are on the rise, especially among the youth, 6 out of 10 young people do not receive mental health treatment for major depression. Currently over 40 million Americans are currently dealing with a mental health issue and 56 percent are not receiving proper treatment. (Mental Health America). The health care reform has reduced insurance premiums for adults who have a mental health condition, however premiums and copayments are still not affordable for everyone. With the rise of mental health issues, the funding for mental illness should also increase to meet the need. If additional funds were put into mental health care, no or low cost mental health care treatment and early detection could be offered to those who have a mental health condition; making sure those with a mental health condition can obtain proper treatment would lower the costs that Americans will pay in the long run, it would lower the incarceration rates and the number of families who are affected by mental illness would decrease. Determining the age at onset of a mental illness is difficult because it can present itself at any age in a person’s life due to …show more content…

There are more people incarcerated who have a mental illness that there are in psychiatric hospitals. (Psychology Today). Mental Health America reports that “there are more than 1.2 million people currently residing in prisons and/or jails with a mental health condition and lack of access to mental health care”. (MHA). 40% of adults with a serious mental illness will be arrested at some point in their lifetime, usually for disturbing the peace or for a petty crime which are caused by their mental illness. (NAMI). If people with a mental illness receive counseling and/or treatment for their illness many arrests and crimes could be

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