Persuasive Essay On Mental Health Awareness

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It is not just everyday people on the street who overlook mental illness. Doctors are guilty of doing it too. Health Affairs Journal claims doctors do not take mental health as seriously as physical injuries. The 2016 study from Health Affairs Journal concluded that medical professionals are less likely to help or follow up with patients with depression than they are with a chronic physical illness, like diabetes or congestive heart failure. This creates a negative bias in the medical field, which is where the mentally ill need help from the most. If mental illness isn’t taken seriously by doctors, how are family members or friends supposed to? Who are suffering teens supposed to receive support from? A study done by Health affairs (2016 Alan …show more content…

Health classes should take more of an initiative to put out the idea of mental health awareness and why it's important. At Pickerington High School North, a health class credit is mandatory for all students to to graduate. In this class, mental illness was talked about for a week or two total and mainly focused on the most over commonly known illnesses. For example, depression, anxiety, and anorexia. They didn’t even touch base on the The spectrum needs to be broadened. Discussing the definition of a few mental illness is not going to do anything. In a survey of 42 people, sixty-seven percent of responders answered the typical age for mental illness to develop is ten through thirteen. This is answer is incorrect. The typical age range for most mental illnesses to start is fourteen to twenty four. Only twenty-six percent of people answered this correctly. This small detail shows how uneducated students are on mental illness, even though majority of them had taken a health class the year before. Students were asked if they thought mental illness was talked about enough. Ninety percent of the forty-two respondents answered no. Ninety percent. Ninety percent said

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