Homelessness In Young Australians

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1. Homeless in young Australians is a major issue within the homeless population. As statics shows that 18% of young Australians do not have money to survive on, 15% live jobless household, 5% deprived somewhere safe to live and survive on. This circumstance I young Australians occur young people in Australia occurs due to housing crisis, domestic violence, family violence and relationship/family breakdowns (brochure). The sources that I am using throughout this response include websites: Mission Australia, Youth homelessness and leaving home. Also brochure which is the main source for this response known as Homelessness and Young People. 2. Sixteen year-old Simone contacted Kids Helpline saying she was forced to leave home in order to escape…show more content…
Young Australians being homeless in 2009 were 62% females who were concerned about homeless and leaving home at the age between 13 to 17 years old 73%. The young people who were homeless and had other concerns in the age between 18 to 25 years was 65% of them likely to be 92% female (show in figure 1.1). (Website 3) The health issues with in young homeless individuals include Mental illness and Mental disorders. Evidence shows that depression, anxiety and post- traumatic stress disorders are experienced by individuals young homeless Australians.75% people with Mental illness first exhibit symptoms before the age of 25(brochure) . It can effect a person’s psychological, physical and emotional and spiritual wellbeing. (1st website) People that have mental illness are the people that tend to struggle to function is most aspects in their life. This may include securing and maintaining a home or a job may be extremely difficult to do (1st website). As an individuals it might happen once and make a full recovery afterwards. For others however, it may take a longer time to recover as their mental illness as it may have more sever impacts on the quality of…show more content…
In the community the attitude towards young people being homelessness is great as they are wanting to help young people in need. There are lots of youth services that help young people that are homelessness due to something that has been tragic leading them to being homelessness. The services value a young person’s personal values and help them out in any way they can. The impact of youth services is a great impact on a young person as they change young people’s lives by providing them with food, education and a job if that is the case. I strongly people that young people being homeless should not be happening to the young Australians. I believe that there should be a compulsory subject that is taught to students towards what to do you are felling that leaving house it the best outcome form a situation between their parents. The services that they can go to, that will help them out in any situation so that later on they don’t become
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