Homelessness In Honduras Essay

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Homelessness is affecting many people today, and on the other hand it 's considered as a trauma too. It can make people commit suicide thinking that they are alone in this world, people that don 't have a family, nobody to turn to in this world, and that very dangerous and most of in children. This are the things that people face when they are homeless: puberty, transportation issues, limited social support, limited education, and emotional factors. There are many resources for people that are homeless. But, imagine you feel lost and don 't know where to go or what to do. You spend each night in the streets, and you wake up listening to all the public noises. When your hungry you need to bed for cents of money or go to the nearest garbage can, and the rest of the day you sit in the city hoping people will notice and help you out, that very sad. …show more content…

Have you heard of how many people are in the streets in Honduras? Honduras is the second country with the most economical problems in Central America. Economical problems clearly lead to lots of problems, the lack of job opportunities lead to economical instabilities, economical instabilities lead to lots of things, in this case homelessness. About 200,000 Hondurans find themselves with no home and no warmth of a family. This kind of economical situation has been going on for quite a while and in my opinion its time for us to join together. The unemployment rate in 1990 was 28%. Crowded households consists in more than 8 members in one room. The birth rate increments each year giving more problems in the economy of the country. Their might be lots of solutions to homelessness but their is not an economical aid in the country that helps the construction of projects to end homelessness. The lack of job opportunities is a big part that contributes to homelessness. In Honduras is a place that is not categorized as a industrial country, this tells us that their are not enough companies or factories that offer poor

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