Informative Essay About Homeless People

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Some people wonder why homeless people have no jobs, cars, or homes. Here are a few reasons why homeless people are homeless. As we see in every Country, City, and State there are homeless people everywhere. In the streets going to car to car holding up signs or going to a vehicle that has windows down asking for money. They are even on side walks with dogs or children and they might even dress up as them, Some might do this so that you feel bad for them and give them money but they might be doing this as a gimmick just to steal money from you. And some of them don’t even want money they want rides which is worst because some people actually do give them rides and they either show up on the news the next day or they arrive safe and unharmed. In some Cities like…show more content…
Or maybe they have always been struggling with money and they just lost their house to the bank and their was no where else for them to go and their families maybe lived far away from them and maybe that’s why they ask for rides so that they can go see them, there are so many ways people can become homeless you just don’t know their story on how they became that way. Canada gives out free medical attention to the homeless and a thousand dollars a month for welfare benefits, but most of them can’t get into another state if they are half way across the country. But sometimes when they ask for money they might not use it for food they would probably use it for a bus right to get closer to Canada or where ever they are going. You got to be careful though because some hobos aren’t really hobos, and they might not always be telling the truth when they said that they need it for food they might go in and buy alcohol or drugs with it. So this maybe why homeless people are
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