Analysis Of Homelessness In Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls

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There are many circumstances that lead to homelessness. Homelessness has an issue in today’s society and is largely ignored. Everyplace you see around out urban society, parks and streets it is likely that you will witness a homeless person struggling to survive. Over the years, homelessness in the United States has become a dangerous social problem because of the choice made by a person, unemployment and lack of education, and addiction. In Glass Castle, Jeannette Walls explains how her parents led them to live a homeless life. Homelessness is something that we as a community need to address and get rid of completely.

However, I suppose one big cause of being in underdevelopment or being homeless is by the person’s choice. By choice I mean the path that people prefer to spend their money. Jeannette’s parents made a choice to live homeless because they didn’t want to live with their kids. Her mom always brought items along such as her paintings, which no one was ever going to buy. Jeanette’s parents were farrago and were ousted by their own kids because they didn’t wanted to do as told. A budget was a strong issue for them in this type of lifestyle to conform to. This was a problem because her parents never plan ahead and saved, it was impossible to encourage them out of difficulties and get off of the streets. Those who live in …show more content…

I think that education plays a tremendous par in whether or not people survive in the society. Jeannette’s parents didn’t want to work; they always had a refusal to work, and nefarious Rose Mary preferring to live as “an excitement addict” leaves them on the streets. The kids also never fully got their education because they were always moving around. As said before, people that live in financial situation, many times don’t know how to outcome it due to their lack of knowledge. Lack of education and unemployment leads to

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