Poverty Exposed In The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls

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Jeannette Walls is an amazing woman with an abnormal and noteworthy life. She has a lived in poverty most of her life. Living in poverty isn’t just struggling for meals and living on welfare for Jeannette. It is living in the desert being nomads, living in trailer parks, and living in termite and roach infested homes. If that isn’t enough she was sexually assaulted more than one, bullied, and her parents are delirious. Her mom is a free spirited and loves to draw, but loves her husband more. She really doesn’t care for her children. In result of her mother not caring; Jeannette was very independent. By the time she was in the twelfth grade she aided her siblings as well as herself to move to New York on their own. Her dad is a dreamer who plants false ideas in his children’s head about him inventing a device that will find them gold. With that gold they will become rich and live in a glass castle. In addition, he is a raging drunk who could never keep a job. With all of that bad in her life she’s brilliant in math and reading. …show more content…

Towards the beginning of the book it shows how Jeannette feels helpless and appalled by her parents choosing to be homeless. Later on it declares that their life is a never ending adventure, but in all actually their lives are terrible. In high school Jeannette can’t live the way she does anymore. So she moves her two eldest siblings as well as herself to New York City. Making a life for herself in New York her parents move there too. Not being to conform to society her parents are homeless once again. Jeannette’s dad Rex has a heart attack and dies. She was devastated her his death, but in the end her family was relieved he was

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