Mentally Ill Treatment

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The treatment of the mentally ill is a problem. Most people who are mentally ill are being mistreated and not receiving proper treatment, whether it be in mental institutions, prisons, and even in general society. There is no excuse for this mistreatment of the mentally ill, but there might be an explanation. The explanation is that many people do not understand the mentality of those who are not sound of mind. People do not see them as actually ill, as they would someone who has a physical disease. This perception of the mentally ill needs to change in order for there to be a change in their treatment. Popular culture depicts those who are mentally ill in a damaging way. This can be seen in television shows, movies, and the news. In television shows and movies, those who are mentally ill are not shown recovering or being able to live functionally in society. They are shown being violent, unpredictable, and incurable which is not an accurate depiction of all mentally ill people. When someone commits a crime, a news reporter sometimes ends the story by saying that the person was suffering from some type of mental illness. This causes the public to believe that everyone with mental illness must either be committing crimes or are more likely to do so. Those who are mentally ill are sometimes left to find treatment in their own …show more content…

We need to upgrade the services that are provided to help. Many of the current treatments and techniques are the same as when they were founded. The new knowledge and resources can better help those who are mentally ill. There are still more people with mental illness in prisons and jails than there are in hospitals and this needs to change. It is unfair because they do not understand. The mentally ill need to know that they are not criminals or bad people. The first step we can take to make these changes is to help change the general public opinion of those who are mentally

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