Should Society Be Judged To Be Mentally Ill

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So, how should society view persons judged to be mentally ill? In my opinion, I believe that society should judge and treat mentally ill persons just as they would any other sick person. While there are some differences between a physically ill and a mentally ill person, that does not discredit the fact that both are ill. The same goes for how much a mentally ill person is responsible for their condition. I would not hold someone who caught the flu responsible for catching it, so neither should I hold someone who has PTSD after being sexually assaulted responsible for having PTSD. This leads to another issue, should people who are mentally ill be responsible for treating and/or changing their condition? I believe the answer to this is yes. If a person starts to feel depressed or starts to hear voices, he or she should get help immediately. Whether it is going to a trusted friend, telling his or her doctor or changing his or her environment to better help with said condition, it is that person’s …show more content…

I also realize there are other opinions on how society should view people who are judged to be mentally ill and whether they should be held responsible for their condition and treatment. Some people in society might see mentally ill people as crazy and should be locked up and mentally ill people’s actions may warrant that response. But, I do not think that such a response is appropriate or just. A better example is a girl who was raped and now has PTSD and anxiety. Society might say that this girl was “asking for it” and therefore, should be judged for being raped and now struggling with PTSD and anxiety. But again, this view is incredibly inappropriate and unjust because most girls who get raped were wearing regular non-promiscuous clothing when attacked. Additionally, I do not believe that any girl would desire to suffer from PTSD or

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