Personal Identity In Huxley's Brave New World

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The defining of ones identity has been undoubtedly a very tricky issue for philosophers, psychologists or sociologists throughout the human history. There has been many attempts to describe personal identity and what has the major influence on creating it. The social backround in which a person grows up and education provided by the family as well as by the school has undeniably a crucial role in forming one 's identity.
Still, there is obv iously part of us, which
Still, there is an inherent natural instict which might suggest that some of the patterns might be against human nature. In Brave New world, it is Bernard, who has suspicion about the system of the society, as well as does Jeanette in Winterson 's Oranges are not the only fruit. In Huxley 's work, we find an image of a self-centered society based on standardization and controlling of people 's lives. Thanks to the high developed technology, the process of creating one 's identity starts long before the person is born, as they apply what 's called "pre-conditioning" – the biological engineers use knowledge of genetics in order to design embryos which will carry the same genetical information according to the caste, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta or Epsylon, social classes divided according to intelligence. After the children are born, the process continues, when the teachers are creating conditioned reflexes with the help of electrical power, so they basically force the babies to do what they are supposed to

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