Who Am I Beverly Daniel Tatum Analysis

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Where does our personal identity come from? Each individual has its own characteristic, which shapes person identity. The characteristic of person creates its own unique identity. Identity is base on person past, present and future. There are many articles, which talk about identity, and many researchers have their own unique thoughts. In academic article “Who Am I” by Beverly Daniel Tatum; she talks about the complexity of identity, which defined as a person. She describes the multiple identities of different kinds of people and their significance in the community. She illustrate the how person past, historical event, family background, experiences, and thought of person has impact on the personal identification. The concept of past, present, and future, those characterize the person identity. She explains how gander of person is the part of identity, which build identity. Tatum even illustrates the racism on the gender, mostly on …show more content…

The backgrounds of person represent the person’s current recognition. The background of the person can include such as culture, heritage, and religion. In “ Who Am I?” by Beverly Daniel Tatum, ‘’… the psychoanalytic theorist who coined the term identity crisis, introduced the notion that the social, cultural, and historical context is the ground in which individual identity is embedded. (Erikson QTD in Tatum 10) In Tatum classroom she asked student to complete the sentence” I am”. The “ Jewish students often say they are Jews, while mainline Protestants rarely mention their religious identification.” So, the student in her class knew their identity based of their religious. They were classifying their self by what they believe in as their identification. The heritage comes along with religious that is pass down by families. They often follow or believe in what their great grandparents believed. The identity of person comes from the people pasts, which shapes their unique

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