Personal Narrative

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I want her to come back. I miss her more than anything. I get dad is trying to do his best, I mean what is he supposed to do after something like this has happened?
I got to school, seeing the old rusty sign that says “Bronx’s Middle School”. That sign is where my old friend group would meet every morning, but now it’s just a rusty old sign to me.
Kelly was talking about my mom in the hallway, a few lockers away. I obviously could hear her. My throat started burning as I heard her say the date that mom passed. I was choking down my tears, but I couldn’t hold them anymore. Tears came rushing out as I ran to the bathroom. Of course, I saw one of my old friends in there. She glared at me and skipped out of the restroom. I grabbed a Kleenex and just cried for a few hours in there (skipping Language Arts and Tech Ed class). No One was even there for me. …show more content…

The cancer started in her lungs and from her lungs it went everywhere.
I got home from school to see dad waiting in the window for me, just like he has ever since I started school when I was 4. I entered the kitchen to the smell of chocolate chip cookies. My mother's chocolate chip cookies. Tears filled my eyes as I ran into my room. Dad followed me upstairs.
“Hey Liberty, do you want to go out to eat tonight?” “Then you will be able to get your mind off of things for a bit.”
“Yes!” I screamed, wiping the tears off my face. I gave dad a big bear

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