Personal Narrative: A Trip To Mexico

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Two years ago I lived in Mexico, I am from Irapuato Guanajuato where I lived with my family in one of the most dangerous colonies. for me is not, I am so accustomed to everything that seems normal, my mother said “ I would not be home late” because someone could hurt me, almost every day I walked from my friend’s house to my house in the wee hours of the night and among our colonies. there were many gang members, people who used to steal. One day i was walking to the pharmacy because I needed something for high school, while crossing the streets a man approached me and said “these bastards do not let us pass” I just kept walking and I realized that he started to follow me, he asked me the time I answered I did not know and I kept walking, the man started to ask me if I wanted to have sex with him and let him give me oral sex. I ignored him and kept walking, he and I had talked only 5 minutes. which annoyed me so I was struck him, he began to pull me until a gentleman saw me and decided to help me and call the police. …show more content…

I said no, I told him I will do the favor without charging him. when we were walking he said that we went to an oxxo (gasoline store) and the attempt of the hand hugging me while insisting that the relationship with her was very sexy. he said that if I did not accept the money I will do whatever I wanted with his wife repeating several times that she was a nurse and sexy, I told him that he can’t get alcohol if the people in the store saw him with, when he goes into the store I started running tom house very fast in spite of all, I never considered Mexico as a dangerous country, when I come to live in the United States I understood the dangers and risks where in which I

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