Personal Narrative: Christian Worldview

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Part One – Christian Worldview In today’s world it is easy to become enchanted by worldly things. The deceptions that Christian’s allow themselves to believe (i.e. just this once, it’s not going to hurt anyone, I can handle it, I can stop whenever I want, etc.) come directly from Satan. There was a time when hearing a curse word or seeing too much flesh in a movie would be embarrassing; now it appears to be the norm and most Christians do not even bat an eye at such things any more. I remember as a young child feeling uncomfortable watching a movie with my parents when there was merely a suggestion of inappropriate behavior, but over the years my standards have “somehow” dropped. I honestly cannot pinpoint when I allowed it to become acceptable …show more content…

The wife was an associate pastor of a church, I don’t recall the denomination; however, when she found out that I attended a Baptist church she asked me “With the way things are changing, what does the Baptist church believe the Bible says about homosexuality”. I began to sweat and felt extremely uncomfortable because there were other co-workers around who are professing homosexuals. Working for a government agency, one must be very careful to avoid an Equal Employment Opportunity complaint. I took a deep breath and explained that first and foremost the Bible tells us (Christians) that [we] are to love everyone no matter where they are in life; secondly, [we] are not called to judge, that is God’s place; however, the Baptist church, myself included, believes that the Bible does not change and that God has and will always be against homosexuality. It was then that she disclosed to me that her 17 year old son just informed them that he is gay. My heart hurt for them because I could tell that they were searching for some way to make sense of the situation, even to the extent of changing their own biblical worldview. Maintaining a biblical worldview is important in life, in business, in everything. Romans 12:2 says “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect”. Having a biblical worldview not only sets you apart and strengthens your testimony but it also keeps you grounded in making sound, ethical and moral

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