Personal Narrative: My Peruvian Grandmother

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I am American, Hispanic, Jewish, and Catholic. This combination has molded my values, perspectives, and behaviors. Since my parents are divorced, the strong relationships that I maintain with my two grandmothers have formed the roots of my identity As two of the most influential women in my life, my grandmothers have shaped my interpretation of the role of a woman. My Peruvian grandmother, Papo, embraces traditional roles with grace and elegance. Never having attended college, she has spent the majority of her life as a housewife, tending to her children, pristine garden, and well-kept home while my grandfather worked. My dad’s mother, Nana, graduated college and is now a real estate mogul. At 83 years old, she continues fiercely to navigate …show more content…

Although I have a Catholic mother and a Jewish father who are divorced, my family has always chosen to embrace both religions while maintaining unusually close ties. During the holiday season, Papo is overwhelmed with decorating her house and the strenuous preparation of a traditional Christmas meal. Prior to eating our holiday ham, my closest family members and I say grace and discuss what Christmas signifies and why we celebrate. Everyone at the table, regardless of religion, respectfully says grace -- a tradition taken very seriously by Papo. When it comes time for the Jewish holidays, Nana takes a more secular approach and is occupied with hosting an extensive number of out-of-town relatives and coordinating who is bringing the kugel, gefilte fish, and knishes. Her welcoming nature has led to our Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur celebrations getting too large to host at any of our homes. Since leaving anyone out is not an option, Nana has resorted to annually renting a function hall to ensure that everyone is included. My dual religions have taught me to be open-minded and accepting of all people, regardless of their beliefs. This notion has shaped many of the relationships that I sustain today, as I take an unbiased approach and celebrate the diversity that surrounds

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