Personal Narrative: The Awful Truth In Much Ado About Nothing

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The Awful Truth Have you ever been told something and it soon became a lie? I know I have and i’m sure others have too. It’s a feeling no one can push away so easily. In the play, Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare, a comedy however, had some main issues with lying and eavesdropping. Much Ado About Nothing and my experience have a similarity of things not turning out they way they are expected.

My experience started in the summer before my junior year. I developed a relationship with a really sweet guy. I thought he was someone I could last for a while with. We had a good relationship and we seen each other pretty much everyday. As soon as school started, things became even better. He would walk me to class and stay with me after school until he had to leave. Suddenly, he began to change a little. It seem as if he would distance himself and i could tell. Homecoming rolled around and he asked to take me. It was honestly a good night and he seemed fine. A few days later, his messages were short and he would constantly put
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When Claudio came back, he wasn’t really sure if she still had feelings or not. His good friend Pedro had help him out and was able to win Hero's heart for him. Throughout the play, Don John had tried to break the relationship with Hero and Claudio. The big plan Don John had to split the two up was having Barachio and Margaret fool around in Hero’s room, making it seem as Margaret was Hero, and getting Claudio to see it happen down below from Heros window. As Claudio seen what was happening, he was furious and emotional. Don John comforts Claudio and the next day at the wedding, Claudio creates a big scene of leaving Hero. Don john comes around and says ‘come, let us go. These things, come thus to light, smother her spirits up’. Thus leaving Hero upset and Claudio not knowing he was lied

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