Personal Narrative: The Cleveland Clinic

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They started the 12 inch incision down the center of my chest. The moments after that I still don’t remember. We were at Cleveland Clinic, and today was the day of my open heart surgery. My Grandma, Grandpa, and my family, were all walking to the hospital. I could hear the buzzing of traffic, crazy cars honking at each other, and the premonition. I opened the doors of Cleveland Clinic to my bewilderment . In most movies the directors portray hospitals as chaotic, similar to electrons of an atom bouncing around. But when you walk into Cleveland Clinic, I found it the complete opposite, it was very calming. Everything from the piano playing by itself, the friendly receptionists, and the tranquil environment around you. Although Cleveland Clinics environment was soothing, the anticipation of my surgery still dawned upon me. How did I even get to this point? A couple months I had a weird sensation in my heart that can never be described. I then was diagnosed with a heart murmur, that turned into an abnormal valve and needed to be operated on immediately. I remember the exact moment…show more content…
My two surgeons were Gosta Pettersson (cardiac) and Sudish Murthy (cardiovascular). Combined these men perform about 800 surgeries a year at Cleveland Clinic. When entering the waiting room to prep for the surgery the kind words of encouragement helped me feel at ease. The nurses wheel me to the operating room and my brain explodes. There are so many things going on. Everywhere you look there 's monitors, TV screens, giant lights, and the bypass machine. While your laying on the operating table you look up to see the alien looking light staring down from space. The group of 25 doctors huddled together like players before a football game, explaining step by step what they were going to do to me. Dr. Murthy

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