Personal Narrative: Working With My Team

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This week I learned a lot about myself and how to better work with my team. I learned that I tend to be very strong in following and bystander actions. However, I could work on moving and opposing actions. At the same time, though, I feel like I have been doing some moving action in my team. I know that in most situations, I like avoiding to move or oppose, however, I have been working on this and really feel like I have been able to give my own opinions when I’m working with teams. One thing that I know I do not do, even though, I may want to try is oppose. There are occasions and situations, where I will oppose without much thought, but in groups where I am not confident I will work very hard to keep myself from opposing someone else’s ideas …show more content…

During class, we explored more in depth the video of the two prosecutors who talked about a gentleman who had been wrongfully imprisoned for years only to be released a little before his death. The prosecutor who put him into prison, was very distraught and saddened by his actions, yet the other prosecutor claimed he had done nothing wrong and the justice system had not failed, because he was ultimately freed. Something that my team really focused on discussing was how they both appeared to be talking about justice, yet they had completely different views on the subject. One described the incident with such shame that he described lady justice crying, while the other described a justice system that had not failed. This was very interesting to me because it was clear that one person was about reason and logic, while the other emphasized the law. Yet, in their different views they both were describing what they believed to be justice, the same concept. So how is it that a concept that seems so simple, can be viewed in such drastically different ways? This is something that I am still thinking about because its implications are

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