Personal Statement: Why Go To College

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According to the Thomas Nelson website, 15.8 percent of students overall graduate from the four-year program. This is surprising to me because many students are not graduating within those four years. I attend Thomas Nelson now, and I want to continue to be successful in all my classes. Because a college education offers benefits, I will face my challenges, listen to expert advice, and develop some strategies for success. According to the reading "Why Go to College" in my ENF book, students have many reasons for attending college. One reason for learning is to adapt to new situations. College is far more different from high school; consequently, adapting to the college atmosphere often takes more time. Another reason is to learn about different cultures and people through this experience. A third reason is to be able to better deal with advances in knowledge and technology that are changing the world as the world is filled with technology because new things are invented every day. I am realizing that the education I am receiving will help me in my life. Primarily, because I am learning to think critically and to communicate better by improving my reading and writing skills. I face different challenges as a college student. My first challenge is remaining positive.…show more content…
My first expert is Dr Amy Cuddy Associate Professor at Harvard business school. She believes that our body language governs how we think and feel about ourselves. My next expert is Dr Janet Elder, author of Opening Doors: College Success Strategies, who recommends that colleges students develop good skills, such as consistent attendance or being prepared to insure that they are successful. My last expert is Dr Yvonne Thornton, author of The Ditchdiggers’ Daughters, whose father taught her the rabbit theory at a young age. He recommended finding someone that is succeeding and do what that person does until mastering
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