Personification In Robert Frost's Nothing Gold An Stay

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This poem is wrote by Robert Frost, he travels a lot to speak with other kids about his poems. It was wrote in about early 1923. The poem Nothing Gold an Stay tells a story about life and that when a flower dies it's sad for him and all of the other flowers and no one really realizes it. The title is not obvious on what the poem means. He uses a lot of Personification in all of his poems but this one he uses a lot of it. He also wants you to picture nature and it being beautiful. Although there are not any repitition lines, he says gold a lot in it because nature is beautiful and he uses gold as a word to describe nature. He says gold 2 times and he wants people to see the meaning of it so he says it the most. He talks a lot about spring and when Edan dies it suubsides to grief for him. Yes he left a lot of gapes for me to fill in and just for me to figure out what goes in that spot.…show more content…
He uses personfication to make them seam like that are living in the acual poem. Like when Edan sank to grief if he didn't use those words exact words than it wouldn't seam like they were alive. He leaves a lot of stuff out like a lot of lines. He leaves them out because he wants us to fill in the gapes with our own imagination. He also leaves them ou because he wants us to have our own picture in our kind of what nature is and how it’s gold to us. Nothing gold can stay has no culture but he uses his own way to describe what nature is. He’s talking about the spring time. He also talks about how when Edan dies it subsided to grief and it’s a sad time. There are a lot of themes in this poem. One could be nature and how it is how we live and how it is the best thing in the
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