Persuasive Essay Against Euthanasia

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The debate has been raging on when human life loses meaning and who defines such. Euthanasia is also known as mercy killing or assisted suicide in some cases depending on the approach that is taken to carry out the activity (James, 2009). The right to death is a very controversial subject given that death itself is sacred to many communities of the world. Questions have been raised as to whether a person who has given up the will to live should continue living despite the fact that such people experience untold pain or is it sensible for a family to continue paying bills for a person on a life support machine even when it is obvious that such person is declared clinically dead? All these questions make sense, but the big questions become, who has the right to human life?

The reason this issue is emotive is because there is always a religious perspective and then science and medicine without forgetting cultural beliefs. While the religious groups hold that sanctity of life must be respected and there is no way to value life due to its …show more content…

The individual should be in charge of their lives such that even someone indicates in a will that his life should end when it comes to a certain point; then the will should be respected. In the event that such a person did not indicate it in the will, then nature should be left to take its course. This also includes cases where a person suffers fatal illness or misfortune and there is no time to address, I think nature has a way of balancing itself such that you may write of a person and they heal

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