Persuasive Essay: Gmos Should Be Banned

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Final Draft GMOs should be banned “GMOs” is the acronym of Genetically Modified Organisms. Defined by the World Health Organization (WHO), GMOs refer to those organisms whose DNA has been changed in an unnatural method. GMOs have been used worldwide and have been very beneficial to the plants and animals. Most farmers use them in order to get rid of the insects and viruses and to gain greater amount of outcomes from their agricultural careers. Nevertheless, GMOs recently have become the controversial topic among people in term of their destructive effects. Many researchers have come up with many convincing aspects to eradicate the use of GMOs. Having the same purpose, we are also here to shout out GMOs should be banned for three meritorious reasons. The first main reason is that GMOs emit threats to the ecosystem and the environment. It is generally known that GMOs are created to be resistant …show more content…

People actually do not notice when they eat foods and vegetables containing GMOs because they never think those things they devour have something perilous to their health. As mentioned above, toxicity is included; thus, when we consume GM foods, to some extent we will be poisoned as well. According to the study reviewed by Public Library of Science (PLOS), there is an anonymous mechanism that can carry the genes from GMOs into human circulation system. Ergo, it is obvious that GMOs are really harmful. Furthermore, the most feared disease can also be caused by GMOs, and that disease is cancer. After going through many analyses, many medical groups including the American Public Health Association and American Nurses Association have decided to put a stop to GMOs. They raised an example saying that the milk produced by treated cows has the hormone IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor 1), linked to the appearance of cancer. To conclude, people should if cannot stop avoid eating GM foods as much as

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